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Escrow & Investment Services

Providing Fund Management and Investment Solutions in Costa Rica & Overseas

Global Funds Costa Rica provides Escrow, Investment and Fund Management services to customers globally, providing security in the execution of their transactions in Costa Rica, from Real Estate to business and other assets, Global Funds is an estrategic partner in the compliance and financial side of purchases and sale of assets in Costa Rica.

The after-closing assistance is also very important, specially if you’re not accustomed to the Costa Rican banking system, we can assist you with paying your monthly bills for your home, transfering funds to accounts in Costa Rica and overseas, programming payments to vendors and subcontracts, paying your employees and much more.

We believe in our customer’s visions, our investment consultancy & management services provide solutions to grant the best performance of your current investment and/or providing accurate and innovative opportunities for investing in Costa Rica.

Strategic Partners

Global Funds Costa Rica team up with national and international consultancy firms, allowing our services to have the best legal and financial back up and working with fresh and knowledge based individuals.

peace of mind THAT allows you to enjoy the journey

Sending funds to complete transactions in foreign countries can be risky and can also involve extensive compliance paperwork due each country’s regulation can vary significantly.

Our day to day involves providing fund management services to companies and individuals and asuring 100% compliance before, during and after each transaction, we understand the Costa Rican regulation and our mision is to provide services that can lead security and effectiveness building confidence between our clients and positioning ourselves as strategic partners for the effective completion of every client transaction.

finding business opportunities leading to sustainable growth

We go above and beyound for our customers, our goal is not only being efficient partners in the execution of transactions in Costa Rica and overseas but to become investment advisors.

We understand how the Costa Rica businesses work, from tax compliance to investment portfolios, we can assist you in creating your ultimate business portfolio, because we believe in diversity and sustainability, we want our customers to obtain the best performance from their businesses finding attractive business opportunities for them and their partners.

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